Social Media Diary

The social media platforms that I use on a daily basis are Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. I would say I usually check all three of these multiple times a day.The Platforms that recieve most of my attention are Instagram and Snapchat but don’t check Twitter too often. I believe the reasons I use instagram the most is because I have a huge passion for cars and car content is very easy to come across on Instagram. The main reason I use snapchat multiple times a day is to connect with friends in another way than just texting.

Instagram is my main source for information about cars and car content. I usually browse sites throughout the day in my free time. I find everything about cars very interesting and want to pursue a career in the automobile industry. That is the main reason for using Instagram. Snapchat is a way to connect with friends so I check that on a regular basis throughout the day.

I check Instagram and Snapchat first thing in ther morning to see anything that was posted overnight. During the day I use Instagram when I have a few free minutes like when I’m eating or between classes. I look at Snapchat quickly during the day when I am bored or relaxing. Before I go to bed, I spend more time on Instagram as a way of relaxing. I almost always spend some time on Snapchat as well right before I call it a night.



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